80th Anniversary Tea Towel

Just when you thought it was safe to put your wallets away…..wait for it!! 

Muggins i/c Merchandise has something new to offer. One of our talented members, Glyn Chadwick, has produced artwork showing the aircraft Air Engineers have had an operational role in from 1941 to date. Glyn has given his permission for me to use this to create a commemorative Tea Towel. I have located a company who will digitally print Glyn’s artwork on premium quality cotton, which will be perfect to put a shine on the Tankards, Whisky Tumblers and Coffee Mugs you have already purchased. Knowing the generosity and enthusiasm of our membership, I have taken a punt and placed an initial order for 100. If interest supports this project, I can increase the order.

Remember the RAF thought the ideal issue was 3. One in use, one in the wash and one spare. I’ll request payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer when they are ready to post out. They will retail at £6 each inc P&P to a UK address.

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