Merchandising Update – 18 Feb 21

Gentlemen, I thought it timely to send an update and progress report on the 80th Anniversary FEAEA Merchandising projects. 

Firstly the Coffee Mugs: I have now obtained all the production and shipping cost for the Coffee Mug offer.  

The plain, un-named mugs I was able to source with a Bulk order discount and, with Packaging and Postal costs added, they will £8.00 each.  

The Named Mugs however, are not offered at bulk discount and, regrettably, will cost £13 incl P&P to a UK address. I will not be submitting the Mug order until the 1st March so, if you want to change your order to plain or cancel your order please IM or Email me with your instructions ASAP. 

My 80th Anniversary Tankard has just been delivered and it’s even better looking than the photograph. They are being engraved and dispatched in the order I submitted them, so don’t anticipate them all arriving at once. You will not be disappointed. 

The 80th Anniversary Tie. 

There was a wonderful response to this offer and I took firm orders for 80 of them. I ordered 85 to allow for late orders and new joiners. I’m glad I did because all 5 went. When I spoke to the manufacturer he admitted that there had been an over run in production and he had 14 left on his hands. I immediately took an option on all 14 of them and they should arrive with me on Fri 18th. Feb. I already have one allocated, so there are now 13 available. The total run on this Tie is only 99 which, unless a further 35 are ordered, makes it a “Limited Edition”. A fact your great, great grandchildren will profit from in future episodes of Antiques Road Show. 

It has been an enjoyable exercise and your enthusiasm for the items I’ve selected to mark our 80th celebration has spurred me on. That said can I please get someone else to cover the 100th!! 

Kindest regards, 

Nick Nicholls