On a dark and threatening evening we gathered at the Tower of London gate awaiting Spike Abbott, a former Air Loadmaster and now Yeoman Warder 402.  Some of us had seen Spike perform before, but for those who had not a great treat was in store. Spike knows the “story” of the Tower very well and also knows how to entertain his audience.

Following the tour we retired to the Keys, the Yeoman Warders exclusive club within the Tower walls for a libation. Prior to the Ceremony of the Keys we were briefed and duly gathered to watch the oldest military unbroken ceremony in the world – 730+ years – every night come hail or shine. Several more libations were necessary, but at 23:45 we made our way back to our beds. The weather had decided to be more than threatening and the heavens opened – cabbie!

The AGM had several surprises in store. Moose was elected as our new Chairman, the Secretary resigned (!) and Mick Bell was elected, and we all voted that all events from now on would be accompanied (to steady the zimmer frames).

The Dinner was excellent. It would have been better if there were more of us, but those who attended, I am sure, enjoyed themselves. The lack of photographic evidence may be a good thing, but what there was shows smiling faces – always a good sign. 

I will start the consultation process as to the next meeting format and geographic positioning shortly. Please respond, and hopefully attend. You know what they say – use it or lose it.



Tower of London

Victory Services Club