Membership of the Association is open to all Royal Air Force Flight Engineer and Air Engineer graduates who were awarded the “E” brevet on completion of a recognised Flying Training Course.

Associate Membership is also available for those that don’t fit the criteria but still have an interest in the Flight Engineer role. Perhaps a relative served as a Flight Engineer and you now want to know more about it. Associate Membership is granted by the committee on a case by case basis.

Subscriptions are payable in January of each year, entitling you to full website access which is the main forum for all correspondence.  An “E” brevet metal pin badge will also be mailed for you to wear on formal occasions.

The current fee is set at £15.00 per annum, payable every January to the “Flight Engineer Association” bank account. Once enrolled you will be able to take advantage of the various Meet and Greet and Dinner events.