80th Anniversary Tankard

The FEAEA would like to present to you a fitting addition to the collection of memorabilia designed to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the launch of the coveted E Brevet, The Brevet we have all had the honour to be awarded and worn with pride.

Following a suggestion from our fellow member, Paul Marsden, I approached the Company in Lincolnshire who supply and engrave the FEAEA Port Decanters that grace the tables at our AGM Formal Dinner.

I am delighted to offer to the members of the FEAEA the 80th Anniversary Crystal Tankard.

The Price is £31.75 including VAT and P&P to a UK address.

FEAEA Covid-19 protection mask.

Keeping our members safe out there. The mask is made of a hand washable, two layered cloth with polyester outer and cotton inner layer. An inside pouch is provided for the removable carbon filters. It comes with 2 x filters. 

The mask is a close fitting design with adjustable elastic buckle straps and a mouldable metal insert to ensure close fitting at the bridge of the nose. The mask is approximately 500 times more comfortable than an NBC mask and 1000 times more comfortable then the AR5.

The Mask is £10 which includes 2 x Carbon filters, P&P to a UK address. 

 £2 from each sale will be donated to the Royal Air Force Association charity fund.

Replacement filters £5.00 for a pack of 10 inc P&P

Via Birds of Dereham

FEAEA sports and leisure wear  can be ordered directly from Birds of Dereham.

The “NAME” box on the right shoulder is optional. If left blank nothing will appear there after embroidering. This allows you to personalise with name/ aircraft type.  There is an extra charge for personalisation. A 80th anniversary design is also available.

80th Anniversary Polo Shirt

Via Merchandising Rep

The remaining items can be ordered directly via Nick Nicholls using the contact form below:

  • 80th Anniversary F/E Wall Shield £50.
  • Upgrade kit for existing Wall Shield (new 80th Anniversary scroll) £6.85
  • 80th Anniversary Silk Tie £15.75
  • RAF Tie with E Brevet £20.
  • Tie Slide £8 Lapel Pin £5 Cufflinks £12 As a set £23 In a boxed presentation set £35
  • Poppy Pin £8
  • Mug £9
  • Prices include P&P to a UK address.

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