Glen Moray have selected 3 Casks for us to chose from. Please study the tasting notes on each cask. To place your order please contact the Glen Moray Distillery on 01343-550900. The bottles can be ordered directly and will be shipped with free postage to the individual, which means no middleman is required. Payment is by credit/debit card.

The team are aware of the project, but I suggest you state you are from the Air Engineer Association to ensure the correct labels are affixed to your selected bottle. I have carried out a test run on the order process and it is working well. Newly designed packaging has been ordered so shipping will begin in about two weeks, this does not prevent you from pre-ordering.

Our contact with the distillery is Nigel Gunter. Nigel is an Ex Nimrod F/E and has been instrumental in putting this project together and negotiating the FREE postage.

Enjoy your Whisky.

Kind Regards

Nick Nicholls

Muggins i/c Merchandising.


Cask 1. 2014 PX (Pedro Ximénez) FINISH.

Bourbon cask then PX finish (1 year finish in px sherry cask)

ABV 59.3% Cost £55.00

Palate: Sweet light red berries with a hint of wood spice. Creamy vanilla notes and a touch of cinnamon. Finish fades to the reveal bourbon vanilla.

Colour Gold

Cask 2. 2006 Sauternes wine cask (full maturation)

ABV 58.2% Cost £99

Tasting Notes – Dark chocolate, expresso with rich toffee and sweet fruit. NB: This cask has a limited availability and is subject to change.

Cask 3. 2011 PEATED PORT. Bourbon cask then port finish (2 year finish in port)

ABV 53.4% Cost £55.00

Palate: Dark red fruits and soft BBQ smoke, phenol peated notes are very subtle. Finish is long smooth with light earthy smoke.

Colour Dark Red

The new outer sleeve packaging being custom printed