F/O Arthur Frederick Halifax 13th Sep 44

The following items were saved by Mr Peter Paragreen from the rubbish skip. He bought them from the home clearance person who realised they shouldn’t be skipped. Sadly his ops log wasn’t saved. He also bought his medals, badges, cap band, and buttons.

Arthur Frederick joined the RAF as an apprentice Fitter. In the first photo the 17 year old apprentice fitters from Arthurs block are grouped together in 1937. Arthur is back row right hand side. Notice on their cuffs they have one merit stripe. In another group photo they have three merit stripes, 1938. The stripes increased their camp privileges, a three striper for example can stay out later.

Apprentice fitters – 1937

At just 24 years old Arthur was a very seasoned professional, he was a fitter with No2 Squadron in France in 1939 through to the Dunkirk evacuations, by all accounts they were amongst the last evacuated. He became a FE in early 1942 and completed 2 tours on the Halifax. 1st tour with 158 Squadron, 2nd tour with 640 Squadron.

Arthur Frederick was killed on 13th September 1944 on his second tour of operations.