Air Engineer Airborne Instruction

1967 – 1973 AE&AES RAF Topcliffe

1973 – 1977 No 6 FTS RAF Finningley

Airborne instruction of Air Engineers was carried out on the Varsity with each student flying around 50 hours. Normal crew composition was Pilot, Screen Engineer and 2 u/t Engineers. One u/t Engineer would be in the RHS with the other “down the back” gaining experience.

Nick Nicholls Varsity T1
I’ve got this very airframe in my log book. April 4th 1974 Finningley-St Mawgan – Porto- Gibraltar. Flying time 8hrs 40 min.
This was the final handling check at the end of course. I can still remember some of the ‘mouth music’
Throttles………..Movement checked, friction set. Closed. Turning, priming No 1 give me nine blades.
April 5th 1974 Porto – Gibraltar 2 hrs 40 min Airframe: Varsity Mk II WF 369 Pilot: Fg Off Bailey U/T Engineer (RHS) Sgt D.A. (Nick) Nicholls
Varsity in Porto on the way to Gib. Had a brief stop over for a starter motor change. Nick Nicholls at the bottom of the steps with Mick Deacon as the No.2 Eng.
Varsity Starter Motor Change – Nick Nicholls
Ian Harvey, Nick Nicholls, Dave Bright