Dear Members 

Today marks the 80th anniversary of the RAF Flight/Air Engineer.  By March 1941 both Coastal Command and Bomber Command were employing ex-fitters in the role on a number of aircraft,  However, the responsibilities of the Flight Engineer were formalised in Air Ministry Order A190/41 dated 20 March 1941.  To mark this occasion we’ve added a few items to the website: 

Today only a handful of RAF Air Engineers remain on flying duties with most of those operating the Boeing E-3D Sentry.  However, others remain in key supporting roles both in full time and reserve service.  One particular individual worth mentioning is MEng Steve Hammond of 622 Sqn RAuxAF.  Steve has recently been awarded the Cummerbatch Trophy by the Honourable Company of Air Pilots awarded for an outstanding contribution to aviation safety.    

The Association had planned to mark the anniversary with a meet and greet at the International Bomber Command Centre but the ongoing Covid restrictions meant that this was impossible. The Events Team are keen to include a visit to the IBCC in a future event.  Plans are going ahead for the 2021 AGM & Dinner with interest already from over 100 members and guests.  If you’re interested in attending then please get in touch directly with Dave Kildea.

Over the last year we’ve had a steady stream of new joiners to the Association and a full list is now available in the members section of the website. 

Our Merchandising Rep, Nick Nicholls, has done a great job of identifying memorabilia to celebrate the 80th anniversary and the interest from the members has been extremely positive.  A full list of what’s currently available can be seen here: 

Finally all that remains is for us to wish you all well and hope that we can meet many of you in person in October.   

Many of you should already have your new tankards in your possession and will be in a position to give them a full functional check this evening. 

Best wishes  

FEAEA Committee. 

Equipment Release to Service Report 

Item: Tankard Mk1 /Crystal/Beer/ Aircrew, for the use of (Flight Engineer Specific)
Stores Ref: No. 22G/ NIV
Report DTG: 18/21:00Z/February
Body Report:
The Item was FTC (IAW SOPs) with 1 Imp Pint. (0.568261 Ltr.) of an effervescent, dark amber liquid (Doom Bar) with an S.G. 1.040
Under static test conditions there was no observable loss from the container. Evaporation losses were too small to affect the result. However, in MAN OPS mode the contents were observed to reduce in significant steps. Under frequent repeats of this test, loss rate was observed reduce significantly.
AUTO FILL function was tested, but failed. An error message <Get your own bloody beer> was displayed.
The Item was subsequently found Serviceable and declared “Fit for Purpose”.
Further testing recommended at frequent intervals.